bored case piles

Rotary open bored

Bored piles are often larger diameter than conventional continuous flight auger piles and are used to support greater loads, overcome underground obstructions, penetrate ground too hard to bore using a continuous flight auger or create piles with a cut-off level beneath the platform level. We can construct these piles in most ground conditions, carrying their loads by friction, end bearing or a combination of both

They are formed by drilling through a temporary casing to the designed depth. The casing gives support to the pile through unstable ground and once the required depth is reached, the auger is removed, the reinforcement is added and the concrete poured. When the concrete reaches the required level, the casing is removed allowing it to be reused in future. In cases where the ground is still unstable at depth, support fluids such as bentonite or polymers can be added.

The boring is undertaken by hydraulically operated rotary bored units. This allows us to construct piles close to existing structures, or known areas of instability as the units cause minimum vibration.

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